The Canterbury Tales

General Prologue

The Knight's Tale @

The Miller's Tale

The Reeves Tale

The Cook's Tale

The Man of Law's Tale

The Wife of Bath's Tale

The Friar's Tale

The Summoner's Tale

The Clerk's Tale

The Merchant's Tale

The Squire's Tale

The Franklin's Tale

The Physician's Tale

The Pardoner's Tale

The Shipman's Tale

The Prioress' Tale

The Tale of Sir Thopas

The Monk's Tale

The Nun's Priest's Tale

Chaucer as a Pilgrim from the Ellesmere manuscript

The Miller, in the lead, piping the band out of Southwark; the Host of Tabard Inn; the Knight, followed by his son, the young Squire, on a white palfrey; a Yeoman; the Doctor of Physic; Chaucer, riding with his back to the observer, as he talks to the Lawyer; the Clerk of Oxenford, reading his beloved classics; the Manciple; the Sailor; the Prioress; the Nun; and three priests.@The Merchant, with his Flemish beaver hat and forked beard; the Friar; the Monk; the Franklin; the Wife of Bath; the Parson and his brother the Ploughman, riding side by side@Ezra Winter, Canterbury tales mural (1939), Library of Congress John Adams Building, Washington, D.C.

by Geoffrey Chaucer

(ca. 1387)