Emergency At Sea!

M: So how was you vacation?
B: It was great. Actually, I had a big adventure.
M: Oh yeah?
B: Yeah. I had a chance to do something I'd always wanted to do.
M: What was that?
B: Well, let me tell you how it started. My brother and his sons like to go sailing. They do it just about
every year.
M: Uh-huh.
B: Usually they go in the summer, around July, which, unfortunately, is still class time here in Japan.
So even though I've always wanted to go sailing, I never had the chance to go with them.
M: Hmm. Bad timing, huh?
B: Yeah. But this year, my oldest nephew is a senior in high school, and since he's going away to
college in May, they decided to sail in the spring this year. For once, the timing was good and I got to
go sailing.
M: Ohh great!
B: But that's only the beginning. The day we went sailing, it was pretty windy. My brother's wife was a
bit concerned and urged us to change the day.
M: Uh-huh.
B: But that day was the only day my brother could make it. So, over the protests of my sister, we
went, promising her that we'd be careful. So, off we went. I was a bit nervous, but mainly, I was
excited. The wind was really strong, and the water was choppy, so the boat was swaying a lot. My
older nephew started to get really seasick, and so my brother told him to go lay down.
M: Wow, so it must have really been windy.
B: Yeah, it was. Anyway, my brother asked me if I wanted to take a turn steering the ship. He knew I'd
always dreamed of sailing a ship.
M: Oh yeah?
B: Yeah. But I thought it was too dangerous for me in such a strong wind, so I declined. Little did I
know what was in store for me. I went inside to get a drink when I heard my younger nephew
calling, "Come quick! Come quick!" I went out to see what was up, and found my brother passed
out on deck.
M: What?!
B: Apparently he'd been steering the boat when a pole hit him on the head! He was knocked out
M: Oh no! So what'd you do?
B: The older nephew was sick, my brother was out cold, and my younger nephew had never steered
before. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was gonna have to steer this boat!
M: Whoaa!
B: So I closed my eyes for a minute and said a prayer. Then, taking a deep breath, I took hold of the
steering wheel, and began to steer. At first I was terrified. But gradually, I began to gain some
confidence and before I knew it, I was enjoying myself. The wind was in my face, the water was
beautiful, the weather was fine, and I was captain of the ship!
M: Wow! That's great!
B: After a bit, I realized someone was behind me. I turned around and saw my brother and my older
nephew standing there smiling. Turns out they'd both been faking it! My nephew wasn't really sick,
and my brother hadn't really been hit on the head. They wanted to give me the chance to steer, and
they knew I'd be too afraid to. So they both pretended to be sick so I'd have no choice.
M: Wow, that's funny.
B: Yeah, at first I was mad, but then I thanked them. They gave me the chance to do something I'd
always wanted to do!