Mr. Collins talks about a time he had a "close call". Double-click the screen to watch the video.
full screen. Then answer the questions.

Comprehension Questions

1. How did Mr. Collins feel about local area driving?

2. How does Ms. Ruhl describe highway driving?

3. Mr. Collins agress with her description. Why does he think so?

4. What happens in the end?

Active Listening Check

("Active Listening"の説明はこちら)

1. One type of active listening is repeating



There are five examples of this in the video.

Can you find all five?

2. Another type of active listening is generalizing



Can you find one example of this in the video?

Your story

Think of a time when you had a close call. Then record yourself talking with a friend (=1.5
recordings) or by yoursefl (= 1 recording). You should talk for at least 1 minute either way.