(They Long To Be) Close To You


1. appear

2. long to--(be/do/hear/see/...[動詞]...)

3. get together

自動詞: After the concert, let's get together at Dejima for a few drinks.

他動詞: I'm washing clothes today, so get all your dirty clothes together and put them
      in the basket by the washing machine.

4. dream come true

5. sprinkle

6. dust

7. starlight

Speaking Topic

This song is about a feeling of attraction for someone so strong that you want to always be
close to them. Have you ever had that feeling. Talk about one time when you did. How did it
turn out? What was it about that person that made you feel such strong attraction (if can be
a romantic feeling or a strong friendship.)

(see also Madonna/Vogue and The Police/Every Breath
You Take