Mr. Collins' Nephew Forms A Rock Band

M: Hey Bill. You seem to be deep in thought. What's on your mind?
B: Oh, I was just thinking about my nephew. He's been in trouble recently, and the other day, I had to do
something I didn't want to do.
M: What happened?
B: Well, he and I have been close for a real long time. I remember when he was born, I was 15. He's
always been a favorite of mine, because he reminds me of myself.
M: Oh yeah? In what way?
B: Well, he's kind of sensitive, and quiet. He really likes to read, but doesn't go out with friends much.
M: Uh-huh. Were you like that?
B: Oh yeah. So he's always confided in me when something was bothering him.
M: Well that's nice.
B: Yeah. But it's put me in a tough position lately.
M: How so?
B: Well, he finally found a group of friends that he enjoyed being with. They like similar music, and he
decided to form a band with them.
M: Well that's cool.
B: Yes, I thought so too, at first. But I noticed he started acting strange soon after he joined the
M: Like what?
B: Well, one night I went to see his concert. I got into the club and found a seat. The room was really
smoky, and the music was really loud. Anyway I looked at the stage, and there my quiet nephew was on
the microphone. He was screaming like a punk rocker!
M: Wow!
B: He sounded really good, and the band was tight. At one point I made eye contact with him and waved.
But he didn't even acknowledge me. It was like he didn't even see me! After the concert, I went to see
him backstage. I found him passed out on the floor.
M: What was wrong?
B: It turned out he'd started drinking, and he was really becoming a heavy drinker.
M: Oh no.
B: And, of course, underage drinking is not only bad for him, it's illegal.
M: Right.
B: I didn't know what to do. I thought his being in a band was a good thing. But I couldn't see him
becoming a heavy drinking and just look the other way. Should I tell his parents or not? I was really torn.
M: Wow, that's a tough situation.
B: Finally, I decided I had to tell his parents. I knew he'd be angry with me at first, and feel hurt and
betrayed. I didn't want to hurt him, but I just didn't have a choice!
M: Wow. So sorry to hear that. I hope it all works out.