Speaking / Writing Activity #1

The song says, "Take a sad song and make it better..." Have you ever had to do this, have
you ever had to make the best of a bad situation? Tell me about it.

(click here to listen to Ms. Ruhl's story)

(click here to listen to Mr. Collins' story)

Speaking / Writing Activity #2

Did you ever play it cool (= 冷静を気取る)? Tell me about it. What was the situation? Who
did you want to "show how cool" you were? How did it turn out?

Hey Jude


1. The minute you--(do---)

1. You were made to---(do--)

3. (don't let her/him) get under (your/my/...) skin

4. refrain (from doing---)

5. carry (the world/it all/everything/...) on your shoulders

6. play it cool

7. let (me/you/them/...) down

8. (You/that/...) will do