Internet Search Activities

Option #1: Quotes

Step #1  (お勧めのサイトはこちら)

Find 10 English quotes that you like. Here is a good quote site you can search.
(Or you can search using Google. When you go to Google, enter the type of quote
you want (Example: "Inspirational Quotes,"Humorous Quotes," "Quotes About
Japan," "Quotes By Japanese Writers"). When you find a quote you like, you can
move the cursor across the quote, hit right click on your computer mouse and left
click "コピー", open up a word document page and click "貼り付け" and the quote
will appear on your word document. After you have found and put three quotes, you
need to leave some words blank in each quote and put the words at the bottom so
your partner can match them (see here for an example).


"Time is money," "Practice makes perfect," "When in Rome do as the Romans
do," "Two heads are better than one"等はだめです。

なれべく上のやり方でGoogleで"Inspirational Quotes," "Humorous Quotes"等

Step #2
Please also download the quote free-writing guide. You must choose 3 quotes and
write 100 words about each quote. You can count these for your Free-writing
requirement and ALSO for homework points. Make sure to bring the free-writing for
next week. Also make sure to check and write the meaning of difficult words. You
can use this 英和辞典 or this 和英辞典.

Option #2: Poems

Go to Google to search for the kind of poems you want (for example
"Japanese Poems," "English Love Poems," "Poetry Online"). Or you
can use the links just below to search:

Funny Poems / World's Greatest Poems / Japanese Poems

When you find a poem you like, copy and paste it on word, as explained
above. Then you have two choices: (1) Leave 8 to 10 words blank and
your partner must match them (see example here) (2) Change the order
of the lines and your partner must put the lines in the correct order.
(Click here for example) Also please download the poem comment sheet
and write your comments.Also make sure to check and write the meaning
of all difficult words.

Option #3: Topic Search

Go to Google and enter a topic you're interested in. Some sample
topics are

Baseball History/UNESCO's World Heritage List/Asian Cooking/
Jazz/Lonely Planet/Rock and Roll History/Thailand/Chinese
History/Wonders Of The World/History Of Inventions/World
Records/Timeline of Art History/World's Tallest Buildings/History
of Cinema/Ryoma Sakamoto/Japanese Culture/Kabuki History

An excellent site about famous athletes, actors, singers, and
musicians can be found at Online Shrine. You can also see Mr.
Collins' links for more interesting websites.

Then copy and paste the article on WORD (article should be about
3/4 to 1 page.) Check and write meaning of all difficult words, make
5 English questions about the article for your partner to answer, print
and bring to class (click here for example). Also download the
topic search comment sheet , answer those questions, print and bring
to class..

Option #4: English Song

Step #1

Choose an English video from the homepage (click here) that has a writing topic. Go to
the 共有フォルダーand put the video file on your flash memory. Read the English lyrics (&
Japanese lyrics if they are on the homepage). If the lyrics are not on the homepage, go to Google and search "(Song Title) lyrics"

Step #2

Write 100 words about the song topic* on the homepage.




* ホームページにそのビデオの「Writing Topic」が準備してあると準備していないのも
WRITING TOPIC」が横に書いてあるビデオを少なくとも1個を見てね。)