I Want You Back

Speaking/Writing Topic #1

Have you ever lost something that you wish you could get back? Tell me about it.
(What was it? How did you lose it? Why do you want to get it back?)

Speaking/Writing Topic #2

This song is about a boy who takes a girl for granted and then loses her. Have you ever
taken someone or something for granted (=not really appreciated it/大切なもの・人を
当たり前の様に思って、十分に大事にしない)? Tell me about it. (It can be a person, a thing
[like your health,...)

Speaking Writing Topic #3

List 5 things that you feel you can take for granted 当たり前の様に期待できる
Then tell/write a story about how you lost one of them.


1. have (want/keep/...) [something][all] to (myself/yourself/himself/...)

2. (don't) want [someone] around

3. stand out

4. pick

5. bunch

6. glance

7. one (look/try/hour/...) (is/was) all it (takes/took)

8. (take/have/give[something]/...) a second look

9. let---in your heart  (see also The Beatles/"Hey Jude")

10. in his (her/your/my/...) arms

11. sleepless night

12. know wrong from right

13. tear

14. stain

15. spare (me/you/....)

16. [VERB] (something/someone) back

  a. take (it/something/...) back
  b. bring (   "       ) back
  c. get  (  "       ) back
  d. put  (   "       ) back
  e. want (   "      ) back
  f. send (  "      ) back
  g. give (   "      ) back
  h. call ( someone   ) back