Little Bird


1. glide

2. rage

3. feel low

= feel down, feel blue

4. "You reap what you sow"

5. bless

6. put---to the test

(see also Abba/"Take A Chance On Me)

7. weighted

8. carry on

(see also Bill Withers/"Lean On Me")

9. burden

10. lay (your/my/...) burden down






Speaking / Writing Topic

The singer in this song sings, "I wish that I could be that bird and fly away from
here /I wish I had the wings to fly away from here."
Think of many examples of how
to finish the sentence below:

I wish that (I could--- Then I would---(I could---)
        people could---Then we would---(we could---)
        the world was---Then we would---(we could---)

Then, imagine a story about how one of them came true.