Story Sharing Day 2 Preparations

1. Prepare a 1:30 Story. Choose from these topics. Prepare a conversation script.and a
  story map.

  Your script should have at least
  ●1 Speculation Comment
  ●1 Generalization Comment
  ●1 Personalization Comment
  ●1 "Sounds like---" comment
  ●1 "Oh you did/Oh it was/Oh he couldn't/..." repeat pattern and


2. Watch one of Mr. Collins' Conversation Videos. (こちらへそれか、こちらへ)

3. Prepare a reply to Mr. Collins' video. Your reply should

  a. be at least 30 seconds
  b. include a speculation comment, a generalization comment, a personalization comment,
    and a "sounds like---" comment.

   参考に、前学期の学生のビデオまず見て、それからコリンズのreply videoを見て下さい。

4. 来週、自分の話と自分が準備したreplyをウェッブカメラで録画します。