Story Sharing Day 2

Choose Partner

Recording #1: Listen to your partner's story and answer using active-listening
           expressions. Make sure to use

1.Advanced Active Listening
           2. "Oh you did/Oh it was?/Oh you couldn't? expressions + comment
3.Basic Active Listening and also

Recording #2: Record the conversation again. This time record as you read the
           conversation script your partner prepared. この録音をオンライン
           フォーラムに吹き込んで下さい。「Student Pair Recordings」のところに「Add

(You Listen X 2)

● (You Tell X 2)

Recording #3: Tell your story#1to your partner. DO NOT READ YOUR STORY!!
           Instead of reading, you may look at your story map. Your partner
           should respond using the active-listening expressions.

Recording #4: Record the conversation again. This time look together with your partner
           at the conversation script you prepared for homework and record as you
           read.この録音をオンラインフォーラムに吹き込んで下さい。「Student Pair
           Recordings」のところに「Add Discussion」をクリックして録音してポストして下さい。




●今日のために準備した「story map」


●ペア録音のために準備した「Conversation Script」