I remember a time I did something to please someone. It happened last mother's day. That day I thought, gI want to make this day specialh because this spring I moved to Nagasaki from Fukuoka and I couldnft spend much time with my mother. Living alone, I realized how important she was for me. So I decided I wanted to show my feelings to her. Later that day I called the flower shop and ordered a beautiful flower arrangement. Of course she didnft know it. And I also wrote a letter to her saying thank you for everything youfve done for my entire life for 18 years. Finally my mother arrived home from work and, at that very moment, the flower arrangement arrived. Seeing the flower arrangement she got so happy and said, gThank you! It is my happiest day in my life!h I was so glad to see her smiling face. It made me realize how good I feel when I do something for other people. I'm thinking, gWhat will I do next year?h Next year I will also show my feeling to her, my gratitude.