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A Time You Had A Big Change In Your Life

A Memory or Experience That Meant A Lot To You

You Had A Good Time But You Got Carried Away

You Pushed Yourself To Do Something You Didn't Think You Could Do

(Story Topic: Mr. Collins' Moving Troubles)

(Story Topic: Working For Change Door-To-Door)

(Story: I Drink Too Much & Almost Fell Off A Building)

(Story: The Strange Man at Karakuni Dake)

A Time You Did Something To Please Someone

(Story: Being A Socce Goalie Can Be Dangerous!)

A Time You Had A Chance To Do Something You'd Always Wanted To Do

(Story: Emergency At Sea!)

A Time You Had No Choice But To Do Something You Didn't Want To Do

(Story: Mr. Collins' Nephew Forms A Rock Band)

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A Time You Were Scared To Death

A Time You Were At A Loss For What To Do

You Thought "I Know I Shouldn't Do This, But..."

(Story: Motorcycling In The Desert)


(Story: The Big Move To Japan)

(Story: Skydiving Scare for Mr. Hunt!)

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(Hitchhiking Across Australia)