Truman: You know, I'm thinking about getting out, Marlon.
Marlon: Yeah? Outa what?
Truman: Out of my job. Out of Seahaven. Off this island. Out.
Marlon: Out of your job? What the hell's wrong with your job? You have a great job, Truman.

You have a desk-job! I'd kill for a desk-job. (Hands him golf-putter) There ya' go.
You should try stocking vending-machines for a living.


Truman: No thanks...
Marlon: Now THERE'S excitement.
Truman: Don'tcha ever get antsy? Itchy feet?
Marlon: Where is there to go?
Truman: Fiji.
Marlon: Where the hell's Fiji? Near Florida?
Truman: (Points to golf-ball) See here?
Marlon: Yeah.
Truman: This is us. And all the way around here - Fiji. You can't get any further away before

you start coming back. You know, there are still islands on Fiji where no human being
has ever set foot.

Marlon: So when are you gonna go?
Truman: It's not that simple. It takes money, planning. You can't just up and go.
Marlon: Right.
Truman: I'm gonna do it. Don't worry about that. Bonus time is just around the corner.

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