Preface to Leaves of Grass, 1855


Europe: The 72d and 73d Years of These States, 1850 ****
Song of Myself, 1855 ****
A Song for Occupations, 1855 ***
To Think of Time, 1855 ***
The Sleepers, 1855 ****
I Sing the Body Electric, 1855 ****
Faces 1855 ***
There Was a Child Went Forth, 1855 **
Great Are the Myths, 1855 **
Song of the Broad-Axe, 1856 **
This Compost, 1856 ***
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, 1856 ***
Song of the Open Road, 1856 ****
A Woman Waits for Me, 1856 ***
On the Beach at Night Alone, 1856 *
To a Foil'd European Revolutionaire, 1856 **
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking, 1859 ****
As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life, 1860 ***
Me Imperturbe, 1860 **
From Pent-up Aching Rivers, 1860 ***
Native Moments, 1860 **
Once I Pass'd through a Populous City, 1860 *
Facing West from California's Shores, 1860
As Adam Early in the Morning, 1861 *


In Paths Untrodden, 1860 **
Scented Herbage of My Breast, 1860 ***
Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand, 1860 **
For You 0 Democracy, 1860 **
These I Singing in Spring, 1860 *
Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances, 1860 **
Recorders Ages Hence, 1860
When I Heard at the Close of the Day, 1860 **
Roots and Leaves Themselves Alone, 1860 **
Of Him I Love Day and Night, 1860 *
I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing, 1860 **
Here the Frailest Leaves of Me, 1860
Sometimes with One I Love, 1860 *
Among the Multitude, 1860
That Shadow My Likeness, 1860 *
The World below the Brine, 1860 **
I Sit and Look Out, 1860 *
To Him That Was Crucified, 1860 **
You Felons on Trial in Courts, 1860 *
To a Common Prostitute, 1860 **
O Magnet-South, 1860 ***
Mannahatta, 1860 **
All Is Truth, 1860 **
I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ, 1861 *
The Ship Starting, 1865 *
Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd, 1865 **
Pioneers! 0 Pioneers! 1865 ***
When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer, 1865 ***
A Farm Picture, 1865


Beat! Beat! Drums! 1861 *
City of Ships, 1865 **
Cavalry Crossing a Ford, 1865
Bivouac on a Mountain Side, 1865 *
An Army Corps on the March, 1865-66 *
By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame, 1865 **
Come Up from the Fields Father, 1865 ***
Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night, 1865 ***
A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown, 1865 ***
A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim, 1865 **
As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods, 1865
The Wound-Dresser, 1865 ***
Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun, 1865 **
Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice, 1860 **
I Saw Old General at Bay, 1865
Look Down Fair Moon, 1865 *
Reconciliation, 1865-66 **
To a Certain Civilian, 1865 **
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd, 1865-66 ****
O Captain! My Captain! 1865-66 ***
Old War-Dreams, 1865-66 **
Years of the Modern, 1865 **
Ashes of Soldiers, 1865 ****
Pensive on Her Dead Gazing, 1865 ***
Shut Not Your Doors, 1865 ***
Chanting the Square Deific, 1865-66 ****
One's-Self I Sing, 1867 *
Tears, 1867 **
A Noiseless Patient Spider, 1868 **
The Last Invocation, 1868 **
Proud Music of the Storm, 1869 ****
The Base of All Metaphysics, 1871 *
Song of the Exposition, 1871 ***
On the Beach at Night, 1871 **
Ethiopia Saluting the Colors, 1871 *
Sparkles from the Wheel, 1871 ***
Passage to India, 1871 ****
The Mystic Trumpeter, 1872
Prayer of Columbus, 1874
After the Sea-Ship, 1874
The Ox-Tamer
, 1874
To the Man-of-War Bird, 1876
The Dalliance of the Eagles, 1880
Good-bye My Fancy! 1891




1.A Happy Hourfs Command
2.Answer to an Insisting Friend
3.Genealogy--Van Velsor and Whitman
4.The Old Whitman and Van Velsor Cemeteries
5.The Maternal Homestead
6.Two Old Family Interiors
7.Paumanok, and My Life on It as Child and Young Man
8.My First Reading--Lafayette
9.Printing Office--Old Brooklyn
11.My Passion for Ferries
12.Broadway Sights
13.Omnibus Jaunts and Drivers
14.Plays and Operas Too
15.Through Eight Years
16.Sources of Character--Results--1860
17.Opening of the Secession War
18.National Uprising and Volunteering
19.Contemptuous Feeling
20.Battle of Bull Run, July, 1861
21.The Stupor Passes--Something Else Begins
22.Down at the Front
23.After First Fredericksburg
24.Back to Washington
25.Fifty Hours Left Wounded on the Field
26.Hospital Scenes and Persons
27.Patent-Office Hospital
28.The White House by Moonlight
29.An Army Hospital Ward
30.A Connecticut Case
31.Two Brooklyn Boys
32.A Secesh Brave
33.The Wounded from Chancellorsville
34.A Night Battle, over a Week Since
35.Unnamed Remains the Bravest Soldier
36.Some Specimen Cases
37.My Preparations for Visits
38.Ambulance Processions
39.Bad Wounds--The Young
40.The Most Inspiriting of All Warfs Shows
41.Battle of Gettysburg
42.A Cavalry Camp
43.A New York Soldier
44.Home-Made Music
45.Abraham Lincoln
46.Heated Term
47.Soldiers and Talks
48.Death of a Wisconsin Officer
49.Hospitals Ensemble
50.A Silent Night Ramble
51.Spiritual Characters among the Soldiers
52.Cattle Droves about Washington
53.Hospital Perplexity
54.Down at the Front
55.Paying the Bounties
56.Rumors, Changes, &c.
58.Summer of 1864
59.A New Army Organization Fit for America
60.Death of a Hero
61.Hospital Scenes--Incidents
62.A Yankee Soldier
63.Union Prisoners South
65.A Glimpse of Warfs Hell Scenes
67.Items from My Note Books
68.A Case from Second Bull Run
69.Army Surgeons--Aid Deficiencies
70.The Blue Everywhere
71.A Model Hospital
72.Boys in the Army
73.Burial of a Lady Nurse
74.Female Nurses for Soldiers
75.Southern Escapees
76.The Capitol by Gas-Light
77.The Inauguration
78.Attitude of Foreign Governments During the War
79.The Weather--Does It Sympathize with These Times?
80.Inauguration Ball
81.Scene at the Capitol
82.A Yankee Antique
83.Wounds and Diseases
84.Death of President Lincoln
85.Shermanfs Armyfs Jubilation--Its Sudden Stoppage
86.No Good Portrait of Lincoln
87.Releasfd Union Prisoners from South
88.Death of a Pennsylvania Soldier
89.The Armies Returning
90.The Grand Review
91.Western Soldiers
92.A Soldier on Lincoln
93.Two Brothers, One South, One North
94.Some Sad Cases Yet
95.Calhounfs Real Monument
96.Hospitals Closing
97.Typical Soldiers
99.Three Years Summfd Up
100.The Million Dead, Too, Summfd Up
101.The Real War Will Never Get in the Books
102.An Interregnum Paragraph
103.New Themes Entered Upon
104.Entering a Long Farm-Lane
105.To the Spring and Brook
106.An Early Summer Reveille
107.Birds Migrating at Midnight
110.Summer Sights and Indolencies
111.Sundown Perfume--Quail-Notes--The Hermit-Thrush
112.A July Afternoon by the Pond
113.Locusts and Katydids
114.The Lesson of a Tree
115.Autumn Side-Bits
116.The Sky--Days and Nights--Happiness
117.Colors--A Contrast
118.November 8, f76
119.Crows and Crows
120.A Winter Day on the Sea-Beach
121.Sea-Shore Fancies
122.In Memory of Thomas Paine
123.A Two Hoursf Ice-Sail
124.Spring Overtures--Recreations
125.One of the Human Kinks
126.An Afternoon Scene
127.The Gates Opening
128.The Common Earth, the Soil
129.Birds and Birds and Birds
130.Full-Starrfd Nights
131.Mulleins and Mulleins
132.Distant Sounds
133.A Sun-Bath--Nakedness
134.The Oaks and I
135.A Quintette
136.The First Frost--Mems
137.Three Young Menfs Deaths
138.February Days
139.A Meadow Lark
140.Sundown Lights
141.Thoughts Under an Oak--A Dream
142.Clover and Hay Perfume
143.An Unknown
146.Three of Us
147.Death of William Cullen Bryant
148.Jaunt up the Hudson
149.Happiness and Raspberries
150.A Specimen Tramp Family
151.Manhattan from the Bay
152.Human and Heroic New York
153.Hours for the Soul
154.Straw-Colorfd and Other Psyches
155.A Night Remembrance
156.Wild Flowers
157.A Civility Too Long Neglected
158.Delaware River--Days and Nights
159.Scenes on Ferry and River--Last Winterfs Nights
160.The First Spring Day on Chestnut Street
161.Up the Hudson to Ulster County
162.Days at J. B.fs--Turf-Fires--Spring Songs
163.Meeting a Hermit
164.An Ulster County Waterfall
165.Walter Dumont and His Medal
166.Hudson River Sights
167.Two City Areas, Certain Hours
168.Central Park Walks and Talks
169.A Fine Afternoon, 4 to 6
170.Departing of the Big Steamers
171.Two Hours on the Minnesota
172.Mature Summer Days and Nights
173.Exposition Building--New City Hall--River Trip
174.Swallows on the River
175.Begin a Long Jaunt West
176.In the Sleeper
177.Missouri State
178.Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas
179.The Prairies
180.On to Denver--A Frontier Incident
181.An Hour on Kenosha Summit
182.An Egotistical gFindh
183.New Senses--New Joys
184.Steam-Power, Telegraphs, &c.
185.Americafs Back-Bone
186.The Parks
187.Art Features
188.Denver Impressions
189.I Turn South--And Then East Again
190.Unfulfillfd Wants--The Arkansas River
191.A Silent Little Follower--The Coreopsis
192.The Prairies and Great Plains in Poetry
193.The Spanish Peaks--Evening on the Plains
194.Americafs Characteristic Landscape
195.Earthfs Most Important Stream
196.Prairie Analogies--The Tree Question
197.Mississippi Valley Literature
198.An Interviewerfs Item
199.The Women of the West
200.The Silent General
201.President Hayesfs Speeches
202.St. Louis Memoranda
203.Nights on the Mississippi
204.Upon Our Own Land
205.Edgar Poefs Significance
206.Beethovenfs Septette
207.A Hint of Wild Nature
208.Loafing in the Woods
209.A Contralto Voice
210.Seeing Niagara to Advantage
211.Jaunting to Canada
212.Sunday with the Insane
213.Reminiscence of Elias Hicks
214.Grand Native Growth
215.A Zollverein Between the U. S. and Canada
216.The St. Lawrence Line
217.The Savage Saguenay
218.Capes Eternity and Trinity
219.Chicoutimi and Ha-Ha Bay
220.The Inhabitants--Good Living
221.Cedar-Plums Like--Names
222.Death of Thomas Carlyle
223.Carlyle from American Points of View
224.A Couple of Old Friends--A Coleridge Bit
225.A Weekfs Visit to Boston
226.The Boston of To-Day
227.My Tribute to Four Poets
228.Milletfs Pictures--Last Items
229.Birds--And a Caution
230.Samples of My Common-Place Book
231.My Native Sand and Salt Once More
232.Hot Weather New York
233.gCusterfs Last Rallyh
234.Some Old Acquaintances--Memories
235.A Discovery of Old Age
236.A Visit, at the Last, to R. W. Emerson
237.Other Concord Notations
238.Boston Common--More of Emerson
239.An Ossianic Night--Dearest Friends
240.Only a New Ferry Boat
241.Death of Longfellow
242.Starting Newspapers
243.The Great Unrest of Which We Are Part
244.By Emersonfs Grave
245.At Present Writing--Personal
246.After Trying a Certain Book
247.Final Confessions--Literary Tests
248.Nature and Democracy--Morality

Walt Whitman