William Butler Yeats

Crossways (1889)

The Song of the Happy Shepherd ****
The Sad Shepherd
The Cloak, the Boat, and the Shoes
Anashuya and Vijaya **
The Indian upon God **
The Indian to his Love ***
The Falling of the Leaves *
Ephemera **
The Madness of King Goll ***
The Stolen Child **
To an Isle in the Water
Down by the Salley Gardens
The Meditation of the Old Fisherman *
The Ballad of Father O'Hart *
The Ballad of Moll Magee ***

The Ballad of the Foxhunter ***

The Rose (1893)

To the Rose upon the Rood of Time ***
Fergus and the Druid ***

Cuchulain's Fight With The Sea**
The Rose of The World *
The Rose of Peace
The Rose of Battle *
A Faery Song *
The Lake Isle of Innisfree ***
A Cradle Song **
The Pity of Love *
The Sorrow of Love **
When You Are Old **
The White Birds **
A Dream Of Death *
The Countess Cathleen In Paradise
Who goes with Fergus?
The Man who dreamed of Fairyland **
The Dedication To A Book Of Stories (SELECTED FROM
The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner **
The Ballad of Father Gilligan ***
The Two Trees ***
To Some I Have Talked With By The Fire *
To Ireland in the Coming Times

The Wind Among The Reeds (1899)

The Hosting of the Sidhe *
The Everlasting Voices
The Moods
The Lover Tells Of The Rose In His Heart **
The Host Of The Air *
The Fish
The Unappeasable Host **
Into The Twilight **
The Song of Wandering Aengus ***
The Song Of The Old Mother ***
The Heart of the Woman **
The Lover mourns for the Loss of Love
He Longs for the Change that has Come Upon Him and
His Beloved, and Longs for the End of the World
He Bids His Beloved Be at Peace **
He Reproves The Curlew *

He remembers forgotten Beauty **
A Poet to His Beloved **
He Gives His Beloved Certain Rhymes ***
To his Heart, bidding it have no Fear
The Cap and Bells *
The Valley of the Black Pig *
The Lover Asks Forgiveness Because Of His Many Moods **
He Tells Of A Valley Full Of Lovers
He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty
He hears the Cry of the Sedge
He Thinks Of Those Who Have Spoken Evil Of His Beloved
The Blessed **
The Secret Rose **
Maid Quiet **
The Travail of Passion ***
The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends
The Lover Speaks To The Hearers Of His Songs In Coming Days *
The Poet Pleads With The Elemental Powers *
He Wishes his Beloved were Dead *
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
He Thinks of His Past Greatness When a Part of the Constellations
of Heaven
The Fiddler of Dooney

In The Seven Woods (1904)

In the Seven Woods ***
The Arrow
The Folly of Being Comforted **
Old Memory
Never give all the Heart **
The Withering Of The Boughs **
Adam's Curse ***
Red Hanrahan's Song about Ireland **
The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The Water ***
Under The Moon *
The Ragged Wood
O Do Not Love Too Long
The Players Ask For A Blessing On The Psalteries And On Themselves **
The Happy Townland **

The Green Hamlet and Other Poems (1910)

His Dream ***
A Woman Homer Sung **
Words ***
No Second Troy *
Reconciliation *
King And No King **
Peace **
Against Unworthy Praise
The Fascination of What's Difficult ***
A Drinking Song **
The Coming of Wisdom with Time ***
On Hearing That The Students Of Our New University Have Joined The
Ancient Order of Hibernians And The Agitation Against Immoral Literature

To A Poet, Who Would Have Me Praise Certain Bad Poets, Imitators
Of His And Mine

The Mask *
Upon a House shaken by the Land Agitation **
At the Abbey Theatre *
These Are the Clouds **
At Galway Races **
A Friend's Illness *
All Things Can Tempt Me *
Brown Penny

Responsibilities (1914)

Dedication **
The Grey Rock ****
To a Wealthy Man who promised a second Subscription to the Dublin
Municipal Gallery if it were proved the People wanted Pictures.

September 1913 ***
To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing *
Paudeen **
To a Shade ***
When Helen lived *
On Those That Hated "The Playboy of the Western World," 1907 *
The Three Beggars ***
The Three Hermits **
Beggar to Beggar Cried *
Running to Paradise *
The Hour Before the Dawn ***
A Song from 'The Player Queen' *
The Realists
The Witch *
The Peacock *
The Mountain Tomb **

To a Child dancing in the Wind *
Two Years Later **
A Memory of Youth **
Fallen Majesty **
Friends *
The Cold Heaven ***
That the Night come
An Appointment *
The Magi **
The Dolls
A Coat *

142 *

The Wild Swans at Coole (1919)

The Wild Swans at Coole ***
In Memory of Major Robert Gregory ***

An Irish Airman Foresees His Death **
Men Improve with the Years **
The Collar-Bone Of A Hare ***
Under The Round Tower **
Solomon To Sheba
The Living Beauty ***
A Song *
To A Young Beauty
To A Young Girl **
The Scholars **
Tom O'Roughley *
Shepherd And Goatherd ***
Lines Written In Dejection **
The Dawn **
On Woman ***
The Fisherman **
The Hawk *
Her Praise *
The People ***
His Phoenix **

A Thought From Propertius *
Broken Dreams
A Deep-Sworn Vow
Presences *
The Balloon of the Mind *
To A Squirrel At Kyle-Na-No
On being asked for a War Poem *
In Memory Of Alfred Pollexfen **

Upon A Dying Lady

I. Her Courtesy **
II. Certain Artist Bring Her Dolls and Drawings *
III. She turns the Doll's Faces to the Wall *
IV. The End of Day *
V. Her Race
VI. Her Courage *
VII. Her Friends Bring her a Christmas Tree *

Ego Dominus Tuus

A Prayer on Going Into My House **
The Phases Of The Moon ****
The Cat and the Moon ***

The Saint And The Hunchback *
Two Songs Of A Fool **
Another Song Of A Fool **
The Double Vision Of Michael Robartes ***

Michael Robartes and the Dancer (1921)

Michael Robartes And The Dancer ****
Solomon And The Witch ****
An Image From A Past Life ***
Under Saturn
Easter, 1916 ***

Sixteen Dead Men *
The Rose Tree ***
On a Political Prisoner **
The Leaders Of The Crowd ***
Towards Break Of Day ***
Demon And Beast ***
The Second Coming ****
A Prayer for My Daughter ****

A Meditation in Time of War ***
To be Carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee

The Tower (1928)

Sailing to Byzantium ****
The Tower ****

Meditations In Time Of Civil War

I Ancestral Houses ***
II My House **
III My Table
IV My Descendants **
V The Road at My Door *
VI The Stare's Nest by My Window **
VII I see Phantoms of Hatred and of the Heart's
@@Fullness and of the Coming Emptiness ****

Nineteen Hundred And Nineteen ***
The Wheel *
Youth And Age *
The New Faces **
A Prayer for My Son ***
Two Songs From A Play ***
Leda and the Swan ***
On A Picture Of A Black Centaur By Edmund Dulac ***
Among School Children ***
Colonus' Praise **
Wisdom **
The Fool by the Roadside *

Owen Aherne And His Dancers **

A Man Young And Old

I First Love ***
II Human Dignity **
III The Mermaid **
IV The Death of the Hare
V The Empty Cup ***
VI His Memories
VII The Friends of his Youth **
VIII Summer and Spring **
IX The Secrets of the Old *

X His Wildness **
XI From 'Oedipus at Colonus' ***
The Three Monuments
All Souls' Night (Epilogue to 'A Vision') ****

The Winding Stair and Other Poems (1933)

In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markievicz *
Death ***
A Dialogue of Self and Soul ***
Blood And The Moon ****
Oil And Blood ****
Veronica's Napkin **
Spilt Milk *
The Nineteenth Century And After

Statistics *
Three Movements

The Seven Sages **
The Crazed Moon ***
Coole Park, 1929 **
Coole Park And Ballylee, 1931 ***
For Anne Gregory *
Swift's Epitaph **
At Algeciras -- a Meditation upon Death *
The Choice
Mohini Chatterjee **
Byzantium ****

The Mother Of God ****
Vacillation ***
Quarrel In Old Age **
The Results Of Thought **
Gratitude To The Unknown Instructors
Remorse For Intemperate Speech **
Stream and Sun at Glendalough **

Words For Music Perhaps

I Crazy Jane and the Bishop **
II Crazy Jane Reproved **
III Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment
IV Crazy Jane And Jack The Journeyman ***

V Crazy Jane On God *
VI Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop ***
VII Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks At The Dancers **
VIII Girl's Song
IX Young Man's Song **
X Her Anxiety **
XI Her Confidence *
XII Love's Loneliness
XIII Her Dream
XIV His Bargain
XV Three Things **

XVI Lullaby
XVII After Long Silence
XVIII Mad as the Mist And Snow
XIX Those Dancing Days Are Gone **
XX 'I Am Of Ireland '
XXI The Dancer At Cruachan And Cro-Patrick *
XXII Tom The Lunatic ***
XXIII Tom at Cruachan *
XXIV Old Tom Again
XXV The Delphic Oracle Upon Plotinus *

A Woman Young And Old

I Father and Child
II Before the World was Made
III A First Confession **
IV Her Triumph *
V Consolation
VI Chosen ****
VII Parting **
VIII Her Vision in the Wood ***
IX A Last Confession **

X Meeting
XI From The 'Antigone' **

Parnell's Funeral - and Other Poems (1935)

Parnell's Funeral ****
Alternative Song for The Severed Head in 'The King Of The Great Clock Tower'
Two Songs Rewritten for the Tune's Sake **
A Prayer for Old Age *
Church And State *

Supernatural Songs

I Ribh at the Tomb of Baile and Aillinn ****
II Ribh Denounces Patrick ****
III Ribh in Ecstasy ***
IV There
V Ribh considers Christian Love insufficient ***
VI He and She *
VII What Magic Drum? **
VIII Whence had they Come? **
IX The Four Ages of Man
X Conjunctions *
XI A Needle's Eye
XII Meru ***

New Poems (1938)

The Gyres ***
Lapis Lazuli ***

Imitated From The Japanese *
Sweet Dancer
The Three Bushes ***
The Lady's First Song *
The Lady's Second Song **
The Lady's Third Song **
The Lover's Song
The Chambermaid's First Song
The Chambermaid's Second Song
An Acre Of Grass ***
What Then? *
Beautiful Lofty Things
A Crazed Girl **
To Dorothy Wellesley ***
The Curse Of Cromwell **
Roger Casement
The Ghost Of Roger Casement **
The O'Rahilly *
Come Gather Round Me Parnellites **
The Wild Old Wicked Man ***
The Great Day **
Parnell *
What Was Lost **
The Spur **
A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety *

The Pilgrim *
Colonel Martin **
A Model For The Laureate *
The Old Stone Cross **
The Spirit Medium **
Those Images **
The Municipal Gallery Revisited **
Are you Content? **
Under Ben Bulben ***
Three Songs To The One Burden **
The Black Tower
Cuchulain Comforted ***
Three Marching Songs ***
In Tara's Halls **
The Statues ****
News For The Delphic Oracle ****
Long-Legged Fly **
A Bronze Head ***
A Stick Of Incense
Hound Voice **
John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs. Mary Moore **
High Talk *
The Apparitions
A Nativity
Man And The Echo **
The Circus Animals' Desertion ***
Politics *

Narrative and Dramatic

The Wanderings of Oisin (1889) ***
The Old Age of Queen Maeve (1903) ***
Baile And Aillinn (1903) ***


Introductory Lines ***
The Harp Of Aengus ***
The Shadowy Waters ****

The Two Kings ***
The Gift of Harun al-Rashid ***