"Almost Doesn't Count" Study Activity


1.(----) counts/doesn't count (for a lot/for very much) [もともとスポーツの表現] 得点になる.

2. make---(happy/sad/angry/....)

3. make---(love you/hate you/want to--[give up/keep going/quit/try harder/....])

4. have (someone) thinking ([that]----)

5.(I'm/She's/You're/...) turned around   日本語
turn--(a situation)--around

6.(There's something) missing  日本語

7. get to heaven

8. one foot (outside the door)
(in the grave)

9. hesitation

10. (I'm/You're/She's) looking for more (than [I can get here/I can find in this town/with him/....])

11. gonna ([find me/get me/have me/]----)

12. let go [a. just let go]
       [b. let go (of the past)]  日本語

13. no doubt

14. be (there/here) for (you/my family/...)

15. come real close

16. build (someone) up / let (someone) down

17. come running

18. cruel

19. convince (me/her/them/...)

20. stick around

21. That's the way it goes...

Speaking Activity

The singer in this song has been hoping her boyfriend would change his life and be serious
and treat her right, but she finally decides to give up on. She can't believe him anymore. Did
someone ever do something that made you lose your trust in them? ("I can't believe this
person anymore...") Tell me about it.