1. wonder

2. jar

3. fearful

4. tearful

5. captive

6. carousel

7. stream

8. appease

9. cartwheel

10. drag

11. grandeur

12. revolve

a. a flowing body of water

b. turning around and around

c. kept under control, unable to get away

d. special quality of greatness

e. to satisfy someone who was at first not satisfied

f. feeling amazed especially when you have new experience

g. feeling sad

h. to pull or move along slowly or with difficulty

i. a container often made from glass

j. feeling afraid

k .a merry-go-round

l. a handspring with arms and legs extended

(Answer Key)

Speaking Topic

What were you like when you were a child? What kinds of things did you
like to do? What were you afraid of? Was there a time when you wanted
to do something, but your parents said, gWait until youfre olderh. How
have you changed since youfve grown up?