Collocations For Work Answer Key


1. work
2. career
3. career
4. job
5. work
6. career
7. job
8. career, job, career


#1 = Nurdan Ozbek (Reasons: 1. She has experience in international marketing

2. She has a relevant qualifications = a degree in business)

#2 = Kevin Marsh (Reasons: He has relevant qualifications and he is a good team player, but he

doesn't have experience in sales or marketing.)

#3 = Nuala Riley (Reasons: She is a good team player ["Excellent relations with colleagues"], but

she has no experience or relevant qualifications)


1. She has set some difficult targets for us all.
2. We're making preparations for the sales conference
3. I always keep my appointments
4. Jane will take the minutes at the meeting.
5. I have to give a presentation to my colleagues
6. He never achieved his goals in his career.
7. He fielded my phone calls while I took time off.


1."dead-end job" is a job with no future, no possibility for promotion (dead-end = 道の突き当たり
2. "glittering career" is a fantastic, wonderful, super-tremendous career. (輝いている)
3. "spanning" = 。。年間 , 〈年月に〉わたる
4. lucrative = 有利な,もうかる
5. rewarding = やりがいのある