(1)Oh boy

(2)made the grade

(3)blow [---your brains/your mind] out / blow [someone] away


(5)House Of Lords

(6)Turn away

(7) turn you on

(8) drag

(9)found my way---(to---/upstairs/downstairs/outside/....)

(10) grab

(11) make (it/the bus/the deadline/...)

(12) in seconds flat

(13)go into a dream

(14)Blackburn, Lancashire

(15)how many---it takes to---

(16)Albert Hall

Speaking Topic

This song begins "I read the news today, oh boy..." This line was very suited to the
1960's, when there was a lot of bad news (assassinations, Vietnam War,...etc.) Tell
me about three news events that happened in your lifetime that you will never forget.
(memorable events that you saw on T.V. news, heard about on the radio, or read
about in the paper or on the internet)