Free Talking Topics

Did you ever fall behind in class? Talk about why

why you fell behind and how it turned out.

(2) Finish these sentences and talk a little about each one: "I'm good at...",

each one: "I'm good at...", "I'm learning...", ""In the future, I want to..."

"In the future, I want to..."

(3) What gave you an idea of what you wanted to be in the future?

(4) Tell me about something you bought that turned out really well,

out really well, and something that turned out really badly.


(5) What is your favorite T.V. show? Tell me a little bit about it.

(6) Tell me about a time you had a falling out with a friend. How did you make up?

friend. How did you make up?

(7) Talk About A Good Dream Or A Bad Dream That You Remember.

(8) Talk About A Time You Made Some Plans But They Fell Through

(9) Talk About A Person Who Gave You A Sense Of Direction In Your Life.

Direction In Your Life.

(10) Who Do You Take After In Your Family? How Do You Take After Them?

(11) Did You Ever Have A Plan Turn Out Badly Because You Forgot

Forgot To Take Something Important Into Account?

(12) Did you exercise last week? What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Why?

(13) Who is someone who has influenced your life? How did they influence you?

(14) What important thing happened in your life this year?

(15) Are you a good cook? What can you cook? Tell me how to cook it.

(16) Talk about your future dream. Give 5W and 1H details.

(17) What music did you listen to recently? What did you think of it?

(18) Tell me about a time when you took in some beautiful scenery.

(19) Tell me about a time when you made someone happy.

[20] Tell me about a time when someone made you happy.

(21) Tell me about a time someone tried to trick you and you fell for it.

(22) Tell me about a time when you wanted to make a good impression

on somebody. Did you?

(23) Did someone ever take something you said the wrong way?

(24) Tell me about a time when you made a big success of something.

(25) Tell me about once when you made it through a tough time.

(26) Did you ever take a bold step? Tell me about it.

(27) Did you ever have a "close call" getting into trouble or even dying?

(28) What is something that drives you crazy about being a student?

(29) Who is one of your favorite people to be around.?.

a little about that person..

(30) What are three possessions you would have a hard time parting with? Tell me

a bit about why each one is so important to you.

(31) Tell me about a T.V. commercial that you like. What do you like about it?

(32) Introduce yourself and tell 2 interesting details about yourself.

(33) If you could change something about your life, what would it be?

(34) What is something you did just for the fun of it. Tell me a bit about it.

(35) Tell me about a pet peeve of yours.


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