(1)pie in the sky

(2)[just] as sure as [A] [B]

(3)get my share

(4)"The harder they come, the harder they fall"

(5)one and all


(7)keep [you/me/them/...] down @@(See also Chumbawamba/"Tubthumping")

(8)drive [you/me/them/...] [underground/away/up the wall/crazy/nuts/to do something extreme/...]

(9)win the battle

(10)got the battle won

(11)"Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do (they've done)"




Speaking Topic

This song is about fighting against other people who want to keep you down. Have you ever had
a situation like that - people in your school or people that you know were jealous, or didn't like you,
and tried to make you look bad, embarrass you, or bother you? How did you stay positive?