(1)close to the edge

(2)lose my head


(4)makes me wonder @(See also Led Zeppelin "Stairway To Heaven")

(5)keep from

(6)go under




(10)tow truck





(15)garbage pail

(16)fag hag

(17)skip the light



(20)lose [my/your/her/...] senses

(21)peep show


(23)Social Security


(25)make it on [my/your/her/...] own

(26)bill collectors









(35)go insane

(36)I swear




(40)street sweeper


(42)It's all about---

(43)Ain't a damn thing funny


(45)land of milk and honey




(49)brand new

(50)got me on the run



(53)state of mind


(55)smiling on


(57)go through



(60)number-book taker




(64)twenties and tens







(71)wind up (doing---)

(72)drop out


(74)Pretty Boy Floyd

(75)get sent up

(76)(1/2/...)year bid







(83)It's plain to see that---

Speaking Topic

The singer says "Don't push me - I'm close to the edge. I'm trying not to lose my head." In other
words, he's very stressed out and/ot angry, and if someone pushes him he might lose his cool and
do something he will regret. Have you ever lost your cool and done something foolish?