1. Redemption

2. pirates

3. rob

4. merchant

5. bottomless

6. pit

7. almighty

8. forward

9. triumphantly

10. emancipate

11. mental

12. slavery

13. free (your/our/...) mind(s)

14. Have no fear

15. atomic energy

16. prophet

17. stand aside

18. It's just a part of it

19. fulfill

Speaking Topic

The singer says, "free yourself from mental slavery/None but ourselves can free our minds." In
other words, if you have bad habits (like smoking, or not studying, or bad mental habits like believing
you can't do something), you must change your habit yourself. No one else can make you change.
Have you ever had a bad habit - a mental habit, or a bad, self-destructive habit? Did change that
habit? Tell me about it.