(1)[I've got/I have] a right to`

(2)make [me/you/...] strong

(3)step out into

(4)the great unknown

(5)feeling wings

(6)[I've got/I have] a [mind/heart/will] of my own

(7)flesh and blood

(8)to the bone

(9)I'm not made of stone

(10)leave me alone

(11)hold [me/you/her/...] down

(12)for too long

(13)break free

(14)I can breathe

(15)out of key


(17)[I'm/You're/Everybody's] entitled to [my/your/their] opinion

(18)It's my decision

(19)I can't turn back/No turning back @(See also "Mr. Collins' Big Challenge: Moving to Japan")



(22)Don't you dare!

(23)blur [your/my/his/...] vision

(24)all that [I/you/...] can be



(27)out there

(28)face it


Speaking Topic

Do you like to try new things and new challenges? Are you sometimes afraid to try something
new because you're afraid you might fail? Tell me about a time you tried a new challenge and
it went well or tell me about a time you tried something and made mistakes. What did you learn
from your mistakes?