Tell It Like It Is


means the same as "find a---"/"get a---"/"have a---"

. Adding "me" or

"myself"/"you"/"yourself" makes it more casual; used in spoken English

(see also Billy Joel/"Honesty" and The Beatles /"Rain"))

Speaking/Writing Topic

The singer says, "Forget your foolish pride" Have you ever felt like you should
do something, but your pride wouldn't let you (for example, you did something
stupid, but you were too proud to admit you were wrong)? Tell me about it.

English meaning


= "Follow your own conscience"


1.find yourself a * / get yourself a * / have yourself a *

2. play with * heart

3. furious

4. ashamed

5. conscience

6. "Let your conscience be your guide"

7. I * deep down that *

8. foolish pride

9. sorrow

("sorry" = 形容詞 "sorrow" = 名詞)

10. "Here today, gone tommorrow"

11. might as well *

12. go on and *

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Example Sentences

Example Sentences

Examples Sentences

(See also "You're The One That I Want")

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