1. Drive (me/you/...) (crazy/mad)

2. Bring (me/you/...) down

3. I (want/don't want) (them/her/you/...) around

(see also Jackson Five/I Want You Back)

4. (He's/You're/...) riding high

5. Think twice

(see also Phil Collins/Another Day In Paradise)

6. Do right by (them/you/her/..

Speaking Topic


The singer says "She's got a ticket to ride/but she don't care". In other words, he thinks
he's been good to her, and done nice things for her, but she doesn't appreciate it. Have you
ever had a situation when you did something nice for someone, but they didn't appreciate it?
Or has someone done something nice for you, but you didn't show as much appreciation as
you later thought you should? Tell me about it.


the singer still loves is girlfriend, but she doesn't want him around anymore. Have you ever had
a situation when you wanted to be with someone, but they didn't want you around? It can be a
friend, a relative (like a big brother or sister) or a girlfriend. Tell me about it.