1. tick

2. caught up in circles

3. confusion

4. ---is nothing new (see also Michele's "Bears all over the place" vocab)

5. flashback

6. left behind

7. time after time

8. picture fades

9. go slow

10. fall behind

11. unwind

Speaking Topic

1. In this song, the singer says, "You say 'Go slow' / I fall behind". Have you ever fell behind?
  For example, in school, or in life? Tell me about it.

2. The singer says, "If you fall / I will catch you / I will be waiting..." Have you ever felt that
  way toward someone - like you wanted to protect them, and help them stand up again when
  they fall? (for example a younger brother or sister, or a weaker friend? Tell me about a time.

3. Has anyone ever protected you and helped you get back up when you fell down?
  Tell me about it.