Wallace Stevens

Earthy Anecdote

Infanta Marina *

Invective Against Swans **

The Paltry Nude Starts on a Spring Voyage **

The Plot Against The Giant **

The Ordinary Women **

The Snow Man **

Le Monocle de Mon Oncle ***

Nuances of a Theme by Williams **

Cy est Pourtraicte, Madame Ste Ursule, et les Unze Mille Vierges  *

Hibiscus on the Sleeping Shores *

Fabliau of Florida *

The Doctor of Geneva **

Another Weeping Woman **

Homunculus Et La Belle Etoile **

The Comedian As The Letter C ****

From The Misery Of Don Joost

O Florida, Venereal Soil **

Last Look At The Lilacs *

The Worms At Heaven's Gate *

Anecdote Of Men By The Thousands *

The Apostrophe Of Vincentine *

Floral Decorations for Bananas ***

On The Manner Of Addressing Clouds *

Of Heaven Considered As A Tomb *

A High-Toned Old Christian Woman  ***

On The Surface Of Things

Anecdote of the Prince of Peacocks  *

Banal Sojourn **

The Emperor of Ice-Cream **

The Cuban Doctor

Tea At The Palaz of Hoon ****

Sunday Morning ***

The Virgin Carrying a Lantern

Stars At Tallapoosa **

Six Significant Landscapes ***

Palace of the Babies *

The Curtains in the House of the Metaphysician *

Frogs Eat Butterflies. Snakes Eat Frogs. Hogs Eat Snakes. Men Eat Hogs. ***

Jasmine's Beautiful Thoughts Underneath The Willow *

Cortege for Rosenbloom *

Tattoo  *

The Bird with the Coppery, Keen Claws **

Life is Motion

Colloquy with a Polish Aunt *

Gubbinal *

Two Figures in Dense Violet Light **

To The One Of Fictive Music *

Peter Quince at the Clavier ***

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird *

Nomad Exquisite *

The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad **

Negation *

Sea Surface Full Of Clouds *

The Revolutionists stop for Orangeade *

New England Verses *

Lunar Paraphrase *

Anatomy of Monotony  *

The Public Square

In The Clear Season Of Grapes

Two At Norfolk *


To the Roaring Wind

Ideas Of Order (1936)

Farewell to Florida ***

Ghosts as Cocoons ***

Sailing After Lunch

Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz **

Dance of the Macabre Mice *

Meditation Celestial and Terrestrial

How to Live. What to Do.

Waving Adieu, Adieu, Adieu *

The Idea of Order at Key West ****

Mozart, 1935 *

Botanist on Alp (No. 1) *

Evening Without Angels ***

A Fading of the Sun

Gray Stones And Gray Pigeons **

Academic Discourse At Havana ***

Re-statement of Romance *

The Reader **

Mud Master *

Anglais Mort A Florence **

Like Decorations in a Nigger Cemetery ***

A Postcard from the Volcano ***

Autumn Refrain ***

A Fish-Scale Sunrise *

Gallant Chateau **

Delightful Evening ** 

The Man With The Blue Guitar
(1936, 1937)

The Man with the Blue Guitar ****

A Thought Revolved ***

The Men That Are Falling ***

Parts Of A World (1942)

Parochial Theme ***

The Poems Of Our Climate **

The Glass Of Water ***

Add This To Rhetoric *

Dry Loaf

Idiom of the Hero

The Man On The Dump **

The Latest Freed Man **

The Dwarf **

A Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts *

Anything is Beautiful If You Say It Is **

The Bagatelles the Madrigals **

Girl in a Nightgown *

The Blue Buildings in the Summer Air *

Dezembrum *

Poem Written at Morning **

Thunder by the Musician  **

The Common Life **

The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man **

The Candle a Saint **

A Dish of Peaches In Russia ***

Arcades Of Philadelphia The Past ***

Cuisine Bourgeoise ***

Forces, The Will & The Weather *

On an Old Horn ***

Bouquet of Belle Scavoir  ***

Variations On A Summer Day *

Martial Cadenza **

Man And Bottle **

Of Modern Poetry *

Arrival At The Waldorf *

Landscape With Boat **

On the Adequacy of Landscape  **

Poem With Rhythms **

Woman Looking At A Vase Of Flowers **

The Well Dressed Man With A Beard *

Of Bright & Blue Birds & The Gala Sun *

Mrs. Alfred Uruguay ***

Asides on the Oboe **

Extracts from Addresses to the Academy of Fine Ideas ***

Montrachet Le Jardin ***

The News And The Weather **

Contrary Theses (1) **

Phosphor Reading By His Own Light 

The Search For Sound Free From Motion *

Jumbo *

Contrary Theses (II) *

Oak Leaves are Hands **

Examination of the Hero in a Time of War ***

Transport To Summer (1947)

God Is Good. It Is a Beautiful Night **

The Motive for Metaphor **

Gigantomachia ***

Dutch Graves in Bucks County *

No Possum, No Sop, No Taters ***

So-And-So Reclining on Her Couch  **

Chocorua to Its Neighbors ****

Poesie Abrutie *

The Lack Of Repose *

Somnambulisma ***

Crude Foyer ***

Repetitions of a Young Captain ****

The Creations of Sound **

Holiday in Reality **

Esthetique du Mal ***

Less and Less Human O Savage Spirit ***

The Pure Good Of Theory ***

A Word with Jose Rodriguez-Feo **

Sketch Of The Ultimate Politician **

Description Without Place ***

Two Tales of Liadoff ***

Analysis of a Theme **

Late Hymn From The Myrrh-Mountain **

Man Carrying Thing *

Pieces *

A Completely New Set of Objects *

Two Versions of the Same Poem **

Men Made Out of Words **

The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm *

Continual Conversation With A Silent Man 

A Woman Sings a Song for a Soldier Come Home *

The Pediment Of Appearance 

Burghers Of Petty Death **

The Good Man Has No Shape **

The Red Fern ****

The Dove in the Belly **

Mountains Covered With Cats **

The Prejudice Against The Past 

Extraordinary References 

Attempt To Discover Life  **

A Lot of People Bathing in a Stream  ***

Credences Of Summer  **

The Pastor Caballero  *

Notes toward a Supreme Fiction  ****

Transport To Summer (1950)

The Auroras Of Autumn  ***

Page from a Tale  **

Large Man Reading  ****

In a Bad Time  *

The Beginning  *

The Countryman  *

The Ultimate Poem Is Abstract  *

Bouquet of Roses in Sunlight  *

The Owl in the Sarcophagus  ***

Saint-John And The Back-Ache  *

Celle Qui Fut Heaulmette  **

Imago  *

A Primitive Like an Orb  **

Metaphor as Degeneration  **

The Woman in Sunshine  **

Reply To Papini  ****

The Bouquet  *

World Without Peculiarity  **

Our Stars Come From Ireland  

Puella Parvula  ***

The Novel  **

What We See Is What We Think  

A Golden Woman In A Silver Mirror  *

The Old Lutheran Bells At Home  *

Questions Are Remarks  *

Study Of Images I  *

Study Of Images II  **

An Ordinary Evening in New Haven  ****

Things Of August  **

Angel Surrounded By Paysans  ****

The Rock (1954)

An Old Man Asleep  

The Irish Cliffs Of Moher  *

The Plain Sense of Things  ***

One Of The Inhabitants Of The West  **

Lebensweisheitspielerei  **

The Hermitage At The Center  *

The Green Plant  **

Madame La Fleurie  ***

To An Old Philosopher In Rome  ****

The Poem That Took The Place Of A Mountain  ***

Vacancy in the Park

Two Illustrations That The World Is What You Make Of It

Prologues To What Is Possible  ***

Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly  *

Song Of Fixed Accord  **

The World As Meditation  ***

Long And Sluggish Lines  **

A Quiet Normal Life  *

Final Soliloquy Of The Interior Paramour  ***

The Rock  ****

St. Armorer's Church From The Outside  ***

Note On Moonlight  **

The Planet On The Table ***

The River Of Rivers In Connecticut ***

Not Ideas About The Thing But The Thing Itself ***