(1)strike a pose


(3)everywhere you turn


(5)when all else fails

(6)long to (be/do/...)   

(7)get away [for a while/from it all/..]

(8)go with the flow

(9)That's what it's for!


(11)It makes no difference


(13)new life

(14)bump and grind

(15)---is a ball

(14)--with an attittude

(15)in the mood (for---)

(16)get to it

(17)There's nothing to it.


(See also The Carpenters/Close To You and The Police/Every Breath You Take)

Speaking Topics

1 The singer says, "Strike a pose." For example, pretend you're tough when you're really scared, or      

pretend you're cool when you're really shy. Have you ever pretended to be something you weren't.
Maybe it was to impress someone else, or to fit in with your friends. Tell me abou it.

2. The singer says "you long to be something better than you are today." How would you like to
  be better than you are today? How would you like to change or improve yourself?